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Can we break out of the Simulation?

This is an excerpt from the book: "Chronicles from a Simulated World"

Garden of Eden, a not so ordinary day.

This is the story of a wrong answer which caused billions of births soon followed by billions of deaths.

Once upon a time, there was a programmer who was sitting alone. He needed a change, so he decided to create a World and added everything to it: sky, water, land, and plants. He was still bored, so he decided to add some animals and, ultimately, he blew the breath of life into a male and a female human being. We might call them Adam and Eve or, if you prefer, Fuxi and Nüwa depending on your latitude.

These creatures were loaded into a virtual reality where everything looked beautiful to their eyes. There was plenty of food, and they could eat as much as they wanted of this gorgeous buffet. Just one prohibition: it was not possible to access the master’s machine, which contained the knowledge of the whole Universe.

In this reality, these two characters are not alone: many other creatures live around and a conniving serpent, in particular, has a plan to violate the machine’s security: “By accessing that machine you will see the real world as it is, you will get unlimited knowledge!” he said, an evil glint of delight dancing in his eyes.


we are living in a simulation AI matrix sci-fi

The female creature, in her perfect child-like faith, wanted to give it a try. But she needed the help of his reluctant mate: “What are you afraid of? We’ll just get a glimpse of what’s on that machine, and we leave. I want to know what is actually going on here.”

I don’t know,” thoughtfully replied his mate. “It's illegal, I mean, what if by chance the Master is monitoring us?”. But the woman didn’t miss a trick, so she continued: “He will never find it out, come on! Maybe I have to assume that my mate is a chicken. Haven’t I ?”. At those words, the man turned, his eyes full of anger: “Nobody calls me chicken, nobody! OK, I’m in!

As soon as they entered the password in the Master’s machine, they could see everything, exactly as they were told. They hardly believed their eyes as they discovered their "perfect" world was an ongoing experiment, running in a small stage. They were being tested, much like guinea pigs. Out of this reality, there were infinite worlds where both good and evil coexisted in different tints.

In that very moment the programmer showed up in a window, and the drama escalated quickly: “What are you doing on this machine? I have commanded you not to access it!”. The man, panic in his face, replied: “She was….she gave me the password, I didn’t want to...

So the programmer turned to the woman, thinking there’s still a chance, and said: “What have you done?

The snake was behind that, he tricked me, it wasn’t my fault!”, she answered. After these words, the creator lowered his head, shaking it slowly, then he pushed a button shouting: “Get out of here!”. Eden was gone, never to be recaptured. And both humans were exiled and forced to work until death in another reality. In the meantime, the machine’s password was immediately changed, and all patches and security fixes were applied.

All this happened in Eden, more or less. An amazing story that has effectively touched people for thousands of years. Some people believe that we must accept it as being literally true while others see it as a myth, containing a deeper meaning.

Seen with unbiased eyes, the lesson it conveys is hardly coherent. Why would our maker deny knowledge to our ancestors? Why such a hard price to pay for self-awareness? It does not make sense unless, obviously, disobeying God was not the real sin. What if the real, unforgivable, sin was another? That is, not taking responsibility for their actions? Whether we believe it or not this story has shaped the way we think about crime, punishment, and moral obligation. It is a legacy of mankind, whatever is your belief, and might actually hide a clue about the purpose of our life. We will soon return on the mysterious entanglement between ancient myths and the simulation theory.

We have introduced this ancient story also for another reason: as crazy as it might be, there are actually people trying to recapture the lost Eden. As the simulation theory is being taken seriously into consideration, a couple of Silicon Valley’s tech billionaires are pouring money into efforts to break ourselves out of the simulation: they want to see what’s actually going on out there.

We don’t know their actual names, but we could imagine them as modern Adam and Eve trying to reach out that forbidden apple.

First of all, can you conceive this as a good idea? Whatever is about the simulation it might not be a good plan to break out of it as it could simply take us to the end of the game, causing this reality to cease. Not to consider that, bothering again with that apple, might cause a slight problem with the celestial dictatorship premise.

Secondly, I’m not exactly sure this could be a scientist’s job, no offense meant for science, I am just not convinced a scientist might be the right person to be working on this unusual mission. The well-known fiction writer Arthur Clarke once said: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". This is pretty much true, especially for the subatomic reality where things appear to be magic-bound rather than science-bound.

Imagine if you forgot your smartphone during a time travel expedition in the middle age. Whoever finds it, even the local scientist, might be able to turn it on and possibly guess how to use some simple apps, like the camera. Nevertheless, much of it would be a mystery such as the material it is made of. In the end, he would conclude it’s just a magic box as any attempt to know more of it would be blinded by his scientific knowledge at that time.

Likewise, if the creator of the simulation is a giant leap ahead in technological development, even today's best scientists might not be able to grasp the science under the bonnet of the simulation. Maybe, if you want to find out how to break out of the simulation, we should not hire a hacker like Matrix’s Neo but rather a sensitive or even a science fiction writer like Philip K. Dick, who sensed out other realities. They may not be able to understand the technology behind the simulation, but they might grasp the philosophy and goal of the simulation. Who knows it, maybe the key to breaking out of the Matrix is just understanding the purpose of it.

we are living in a simulation hypothesis matrix sci-fi


Are we living in a simulation?